Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality

A long time ago Demidov Innovations developed some awesome virtual and augmented reality programs. Before most people had even heard of it and definitely before all the recent hype. These days, anyone can buy a Samsung Gear or an Oculus Rift – even a HTC Vive if you have the budget. Interesting to think back on the days when most people were not even aware of the fact that this revolution was on it’s way.

The first virtual reality program we ever produced was a 360 degree visualisation – wherein you can play your music tracks and the environment you were in would create shapes, bounce and vibrate according to the bass, pitch and tempo of the track. We can still show you this today – though it was made for the Oculus Rift SDK 0.6 which is like Windows XP VS Windows 10 by today’s standards. If you look on our partner website you will be able to see more recent examples.virtual-reality-newcastle