Blogging – why is it good?

We all have realized by now the heavy impact technology has made on our lives and how it has startlingly changed the world around us. It has given birth to professional blogs and social media which, for one, enable businesses to target a wide variety of customers without any geographical boundaries. Companies can now target customers globally without having to physically reach out to each and every customer; otherwise a tedious and tiresome task. Well written and regular professional blogs can now target a much wider range of audience; a great medium to boost up your profits!

Black and white print media is slowly withering away as people now read news and articles electronically through laptops, iPads and other notable high tech devices. In such a scenario, the prime advantage of running a blog is that it can be updated and released with lesser effort and time. You can easily provide customers with information about upcoming products, new prices, discounts and product reviews. It is true now that people have some favourite blogs that they end up checking almost every day. Why not this favourite blog be one of yours? This can help a business engage its existing customers and also allow business to attract new customers. Engaging the existing customers is as important as attracting new customers. A customer will always stick to a brand which makes it feel important and cared about. Letting your existing customers know about upcoming events, promotions and sales makes them feel like they have a connection with the brand and they are cared about. To make a business grow it is necessary that it is retaining its existing customers and as well as engaging new customers.

Well written professional blogs keep the customers engaged with real time live updating. Content is updated periodically and customers have something new to read about every now and then. If the content is delayed in updating customers will start to lose interest. People want something new every day when they wake up, they want to learn about something new every day. In addition to this, blogs help reach out customers in an easier way as compared to traditional marketing techniques.

Same is the case with using social media posts for engaging customers. Almost every leading brand and business has a Facebook \Twitter page online. The reason behind the move to use this social media platform is to provide customers with all the relevant information that they earnestly crave for. Today, social media is not only used to give out new information and promotions, but also serve as a platform customers to discuss and debate on related topic. In addition to this, customer feedback can be easily attained and customers feel connected to the brand. Specially targeted social media posts serve as a quick method for customer interaction. Have a cultural festival coming up why not make a post about it and put it online on your page rather than sending customers boring text savvy emails that most of them delete without even opening them up?

Blogs and social media serve as a far greater medium for customer engaging and a quicker one too. So let’s take advantage of this opportunity so that it can benefit your brand\business. That’s what we’re doing.

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