Virtual Reality Industries are Growing Quickly

Virtual reality is here, and has been for some time. As a collective of geeks who love history, art and games, we who make up the team at Demidov Innovations and Virtual Perspective feel so privileged to be working in the VR industry. We love that it’s so immersive in it’s creative story telling ability, and we love to talk about the possibilities of the tech to do this better and better every day. Upload VR recently published an article about immersive storytelling using VR, and it nails it completely – “For the first time in history, immersive storytellers have access to technology that will allow them to merge the reactive and affective elements of oral storytelling with the affordances of digital media.”

Virtual Perspective are working hard to make sure that The Hunter and Newcastle are prominent players in the VR and AR industries on a global scale, and we as Demidov Innovations are there to assist with the hardware, software and maintenance of these technologies.

Reactive Content: The Future of Immersive Storytelling