Sit Right with SitRight

I know this topic sounds boring but stay with me for a minute – if you work at a computer a lot or even at all, it’s important to maintain correct posture, stretch regularly and exercise. Sometimes we forget, are too busy or can’t be bothered. I know, I’ve been there. If you’re one of those people that forget and wish you didn’t – click here to download SitRight 

It’s a little program that you can set to remind you to do a stretch, grab a drink from the kitchen ect. If you don’t like it, you can turn it off or uninstall it – but trust me, you don’t want the pain and discomfort of the injuries that come from working at a computer all day – especially when they cost nothing and are so easy to prevent. They may even make you feel better and happier in general.

There are some other ways to mitigate adverse health effects like that – for example click here for our earlier post 

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