Why do we do what we do? Because having efficient and well maintained computer systems will make our clients business perform better than those that don't. Call us on (02) 4023 2902

We are a Newcastle and Hunter Region based IT company that focuses on maintenance and innovation - to ensure our clients business runs efficiently and identifies and takes advantage of opportunities.

Onsite and Remote IT Assistance

Get help onsite or remotely and get back to work


Regular Scheduled Maintenance

Minimise downtime and capitalise on opportunities


Custom Development

If it doesn't exist - we will create it


Dust Busting

Come to our place to get your computer cleaned – for free! And we don’t mean viruses, we mean literally. Computers often fill up with dust because the fans which keep them cool are on all the time, and pull air through them the whole time they are on. While that’s great for keeping your…

Blogging – why is it good?

We all have realized by now the heavy impact technology has made on our lives and how it has startlingly changed the world around us. It has given birth to professional blogs and social media which, for one, enable businesses to target a wide variety of customers without any geographical boundaries. Companies can now target…