Onsite and Remote IT Assistance

If you need IT support at your location or remotely via phone or remote access


Regular Scheduled Maintenance

If you are a business and need regular maintenance of mission critical equipment and software


Custom Development

When you can't find a solution, we can create it for you. We can develop custom software and hardware


Idle Computer = Secrets of the Universe

Thanks to computing technology you don’t need to be a genius physicist to contribute to helping discover the secrets of the universe. Perhaps find a new, clean, renewable energy source? Faster-than-light travel? Maybe you’ve heard of CERN? To quote their website: “What is the Universe made of? How did it start? Physicists at CERN are…

Fairphone – example of responsible use of the global economy

How many of us are appalled by the idea that our expensive tech gadgets are assembled in sweatshops? or the fact that the raw materials are mined in areas of the world where it causes violence and conflict? All of us I would think. We’d like to do something about it – but what can…