Maintenance and Future Planning – Regular Maintenance and Improvements

Our Maintenance and Future Planning program (MFP) is designed to provide maximum up-time for your computer systems, as well as capitalising on opportunities that either are or become available.

What is included in it?

– Regular scheduled IT maintenance. Prevention is better than the cure when it comes to mission critical equipment and systems. You wouldn’t drive your car until it broke down – so why do it with your computers that you likely rely on much more for work? MFP includes but not limited to:

  • Hardware integrity check (hard drive status, dust buildup, temperature)
  • Software integrity check (anti-virus updates and scans, process optimization, software updates)
  • Ergonomics assessment (desk and screen setup, equipment orientation to prevent injury)
  • Other mission critical checks, depending on specific business requirements as agreed upon

– Identifying opportunities. Working closely with our clients, we can recognize areas for improvement, as well as incorporate the R&D we do so that technologies that can significantly boost your profitability do not pass you by. Some examples:

  • New software (XeroFreshDeskAsanaHubspot are examples of software that can improve efficiency and we can offer advice on which ones would be best, and implement them)
  • Sometimes opportunities for upgrades for as little as $50 (RAM Upgrade in a PC or Laptop) can make a dramatic improvement to computer performance. We will give the appropriate advice in those situations

– Smooth operations. Some actionable items might not warrant a call-out on their own, but can still negatively affect things like productivity and employee morale. Regular site visits give us the opportunity to incorporate fixing these into maintaining core systems.

  • Example: Point of Sale computer mouse cord was too short and was causing staff problems – we installed an extension to improve efficiency, safety and comfort
  • Example: Many industries’ employees can improve overall productivity up to 30% with a second monitor for more screen space, multiple documents opening for cross referencing without having to minimize / maximize documents. We will offer this advice where appropriate.

– Minimum response times. If you do end up with an issue, we guarantee our response times to make sure we get you back to normal ASAP

MFP hours and terms are scalable, negotiable and flexible to suit your specific needs.

Example – Business with 5 Employees

Office Workers

A business with 5 employees might lose 10 minutes of productivity per employee a day due to lack of maintenance / inefficient systems. That’s not unusual, and is likely very conservative.

5 employees x 10 minutes = 50 min, so nearly an hour a day. 50 min x 5 (working days) = 250 minutes. That’s 4 hours.

4 hours x 52 weeks (in 1 year) = 208 hours. If your charge-out rate is $80 (probably a conservative estimate) – that works out to be $17,000 in lost revenue annually.

With a $300 MFP (3 hours per month) = $3,600 per year can not only prevent those issues that cause the lost revenue, but can improve productivity beyond what would otherwise be achievable.

Lost Revenue Graph

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