Maintenance and Future Planning (MFP)

For businesses that require regular maintenance to prevent downtime and increase efficiency, we offer our MFP (Maintenance and Future Planning) managed services agreement. The main purpose is to minimize IT support costs and lost revenue by identifying threats like pendingĀ hardware malfunction before it becomes critical.

The other main purpose of the MFP is to use the regular scheduled maintenance visits to help identify opportunities for our clients to improve. Whether it’s a new technology, process or other idea that we believe may help the business – our job is to advise our clients to make sure they are at the top of their game.

  • Starts at $300 per month, includes:
    • 3 hours allocated to support and maintenance of systems
    • Site travel included
    • Priority service / response














IT Support Pricing

If you need onsite or remote support but not on a regular basis, we offer ad-hoc (as needed) rates:

  • Travel to site: $25
  • Rate per hour: $125

This can include problem solving, repairs, installation and upgrades