Fairphone – example of responsible use of the global economy

How many of us are appalled by the idea that our expensive tech gadgets are assembled in sweatshops? or the fact that the raw materials are mined in areas of the world where it causes violence and conflict? All of us I would think. We’d like to do something about it – but what can we do as individual consumers? If we’re going to be realistic about it, we need those items like computers, smartphones ect. and we have to buy them somewhere.

Fortunately there is a better way! Introducing the FairPhone https://www.fairphone.com

I automatically like it better than my Galaxy S6 and any of the iPhones because it has an SD card slot and a removable battery. Remember those?

If you’re in the market for a new smartphone, please consider the FairPhone. If you’re not, why not subscribe to their newsletter to support them and be up to date on their developments?

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