Dust Busting

Come to our place to get your computer cleaned – for free! And we don’t mean viruses, we mean literally.

Computers often fill up with dust because the fans which keep them cool are on all the time, and pull air through them the whole time they are on. While that’s great for keeping your room dust free, it’s not so good for the computer to leave all that dust in there. The computer can overheat and get damaged. Also the dust attracts moisture and can cause components to rust – you don’t want that.

So come by our place in Rankin Park for a complimentary 5 minute clean. While you’re here, you can try out the virtual reality helmet.

Bookings are essential – to make one, either use the contact form on our website (top right), call 02 4023 2302 or email information@demidov.com.au

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