Basic Services

camsmallHere are some home services that we offer. Use the form below to find out more and make a booking. For business services click here


For more details on some of our products and services, read on – there is a section below about some specific solutions to common problems. As for a list of services, it would be too long to have them all on here. If you have an IT problem or a query we can definitely help  – click here to get in touch or call 02 4023 2902 or find on Facebook  or OneFlare

Computer slow? Here’s our best solution:

ssd_vs_hddUpgrade to a Solid State Drive – Send Us a Request

Why this option?

You can keep your files, programs and everything else where it is. Simply duplicate your old mechanical hard drive to a super-fast solid state drive using our imaging technology.


It used to be that solid state drives were very expensive – not anymore. The only real issue is that for the price you pay, solid state drives are smaller in capacity than mechanical drives. As they get larger, the price increases significantly.


You can keep your old mechanical drive, and simply install it alongside the new solid state – use it for storage. Unless you have a laptop – then it’s a little harder to do that. Or you can just pay a little more and get a larger solid state drive – so everything fits.


Mechanical hard drives have many moving parts which are slow (relatively). Not only that, but they actually degrade over time so even at their optimal state, older hard drives are not as quick as they once were. Also, when a computer’s memory is heavily utilised and is running low on available memory, Windows uses empty space on the hard drive to compensate. Old-school mechanical drives are so much slower than memory that you will notice a big performance decrease. Solid state drives are so fast that you might not even notice when this happens.

Click here for additional info from our friends at OCZ and here from Forbes 

Average Price

500 GB Solid State Drive: $250
Hours Required for Transfer: 2x $100
Pickup and Delivery: 2x $25

Approx. $400 inc GST
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Computer needs some work? Here’s our best solution:

Reformat – reinstall Windows and programs – Send Us a Request

Why this option?

It’s the quickest, cheapest, easiest and most effective option to get your computer back to 100% of its potential.


All programs, files and other things need to be reinstalled. Depending on what they are and how many, this can take a while.


It’s not as hard as it sounds, provided that all requirements are laid out before we start. We will back up all of your data, and with your permission keep an ‘image’ of your hard drive so at any time we can restore it to the way it was, or recover files from it in case you forget or miss something.


Over time, Windows and programs accumulate junk that just sits on the hard drive making it slower. For example, did you know that having a printer installed that you’re not connected to slows Windows down? It’s constantly checking “hey, is that printer there yet?”. Not much, right? Those sorts of things build up and you end up waiting for the computer rather than it waiting for you.

Installing and uninstalling programs, updates ect get left behind and slows the whole thing down. Not to mention viruses and other nasty things can be hiding in there, or even actively being malicious on the computer. While anti-virus and security software can help prevent these issues, sometimes they slip through. A reformat is guaranteed to remove all of them.

Average Price
Hours Required: 2x $100
Pickup and Delivery: 2x $25

Approx. $250 inc GST

How much will it cost?

Our standard rate is $125 per hour, with $25 for travel to site.

Most of the time jobs take longer than that, especially if the process requires a long time to complete – like a virus scan or disk cloning. We only charge for the active part of the job, not for waiting around. Click here and ask us for a quote. You will not get bill shock, or stuck with hidden extra fees.

Consultation and advice is always free of charge. Unless we state otherwise before any work is commenced, you will not be billed for our time for consulting.

For business customers, see our DI For Business page

Virtual Reality and New Technology

For anyone interested in the latest technology and innovation, feel free to get in touch because we offer Oculus Rift demos (no charge) that include:

  • Roller Coasters
  • Horror Games
  • Architectural Design walthroughs
  • Music visualisation in Virtual Reality
  • many more!

Oculus Rift Demo

To read more about the Oculus Rift, visit their website by clicking here.

We also have Leap Motion controllers which can be used to control your computer or play games, all with a new innovative method of interacting with your computer. Click here to open the Leap Motion website for more info on that.

For commercial applications and custom development, see our DI For Business page or click here for the Advanced Projects section.