‘I need someone to help. Regularly.’ Here’s our best solution:

camatmurphysMFP (Maintenance and Future Planning)

Why this option?

For organisations that need a managed services approach to support – regular maintenance, service level agreements, volume discounts ect we have developed the MFP. For a set monthly charge you are allocated an amount of onsite and remote hours. You can use these hours for support, projects or maintenance of systems.




None, really. If you think of any please let us know.


Starting at $400 per month for 4 hours, clients on an MFP are allocated hours at a significant discount, as well as a discount on any additional hours if they are required.

Regular maintenance means regular site visits, and proactive, preventative action. Issues can be fixed before they happen. Also, with a maintenance schedule certain bugs can be ironed out that would otherwise be left unattended – things that might not be worth a callout, but are annoying and likely cause a decrease in productivity. With regular visits we would be able to work with you to identify opportunities for improvement that might not be discovered otherwise. It’s like having a bunch of IT people on staff without having to hire them all.

To illustrate, here’s an example

A small business with 10 employees, average revenue per employee per hour is $30. If 10 employees cumulatively lose 1 hour of productivity per week due to preventable IT issues and inefficiencies, that’s $300 per week in lost revenue. See the graph below for comparison to monthly MFP cost which would be used to prevent these issues.

Your situation will be different, but we would encourage you to consider the difference regular IT maintenance and  onsite visits could make for your business. Click here to get in contact or give us a call 02 4023 2902




‘Software. Programs. How do I know what we need?’ Here’s our best solution:


Why this option?

All businesses and individuals are unique. But we all do similar things – go to work, send emails, browse the web. We are similar enough that many of our requirements and desires – particularly when it comes to business – overlap. DI have had decades of experience working with small, medium and large business as well as many programs and services. Tell us your requirements or show us your wish list – and we show you how to make it happen.


We know our business, and that’s IT – for the best results, we’d need to work very closely with your business to really get the details right.


We like nothing better than to find and develop systems for our customers. Seeing it come together and achieve our common goals – making your business more efficient – is very satisfying.


If a software or hardware product that we need doesn’t exist – we invent it. We’ve made custom software, cloud and hardware for our clients. Like they say, ‘sometimes the best meal is one you cook yourself.’ We’ve created CRM, finance, virtual reality, smartphone apps and other programs that suited our clients specific needs.

Website, Design and Marketing

We offer:

  • Web Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Digital Marketing services

Our website prices range from $800 for a ‘business card’ website, to more complicated ones with contact forms, shopping carts, image galleries ect.

Something like our website would be approximately $2500

Some other examples of our website and design clients:


Even more important than having a website is having a website that works. We can provide regular website maintenance and updates to ensure that your website serves it’s function consistently and into the future.

For more information click here to read this article

How much will it cost?

Our standard rate is $125 per hour, with $25 for travel to site.

We only charge for the active part of the job or project. Click here and ask us for a quote.

For business clients we offer 30 day payment and flexible payment terms and plans for projects / hardware purchases.

MFP Clients receive a discount on the hourly rate, as well as additional discount for any extra hours required.

Non-For-Profit organisations receive an additional 25% discount on both

Consultation and advice is always free of charge. Unless we state otherwise before any work is commenced, you will not be billed for our time for consulting.

Advanced Projects

For customers with advanced requirements we offer custom designed software and equipment like smartphone apps, business software eg. CRM, virtual reality software and development, 3D design to name a few. Some of our previous projects include:


3D model from floorplan

  • CRM for managing client purchase cycle, automating custom templates
  • Mobile platform and infrastructure to optimise ease of access to fabrication software
  • Moving clients from manual paperwork to digital systems with minimal change to process and staff training requirements
  • Automating industrial monitoring and maintenance
  • Convert building floor plans to 3D concept design, including realistic Virtual Reality walkthrough using our Oculus Rift virtual reality headsets
  • Virtual Reality entertainment software
  • Smartphone apps for sales and marketing
  • Tablets and secure stands for kids entertainment venue

Working on Remote Monitoring Equipment / Software


Virtual Reality walkthrough

Virtual Reality Visualisation Program


3D model from floorplan








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