Cost Savings from Innovation

Let’s say you can save five minutes a day, how much time is that really?

5 minutes x 5 days (working days) x 52 weeks in a year / 60 minutes (convert to hours)?

It’s almost 22 hours a year (21.6)!

Imagine further that you could do that for five of your staff – that’s over 100 working hours per year. Five minutes isn’t much, but it adds up.

One of our main objectives at Demidov Innovations is to help small to medium enterprises in The Hunter get the most out of their time through improvements in technology, process and training. If your computer systems did more for you, and did it quicker – how much time do you think your organisation could save? And this isn’t limited to just faster computers. If certain tasks could be automated for example, it would free you up to focus on higher value work. A lot of the time the resources are already there and just need to be unlocked.

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