Bring your own device – business

Machinery and equipment is highly essential at workplace and home environments, especially in such technology driven times where emails and messages are shot back and forth so frequently. Every workplace, whether small or large scale, demand hardware devices such as computers, printers, scanners to name a few, coupled with other output devices such as external storage devices. One debate which has gripped the professional world is whether workers and officers should be allowed to bring their own devices at work. While the proposition may seem beneficial and attractive, it has certain pros and cons, which must be taken into account to fully endorse, or reject, the idea.

To start with the advantages, to bring one’s own device at work, can have multiple benefits. For one, it saves the company or firm’s fixed costs and expenses, which are primarily incurred when the machinery is bought. On the other hand, when individuals bring their own devices at work, running and operational costs are also minimized since maintenance and repair expenses are borne by those individuals, and not the workplace entity. This reduction in cost is indeed advantageous for the company or firm, which can allow it boost its profits.

In addition to this, bringing one’s device at work is also beneficial as it eliminates space issues. Generally, computers and other devices take up large amounts of office space. If the workers and employees bring their own device at work, space will be made and occupied in the presence and absence of devices respectively. Otherwise, bulky and large devices take up space unnecessarily and for large amounts of time; even after office timings!

Furthermore, one major advantage that bringing your device at work has is that everyone takes responsibility for their own devices. It is often the view that machinery and devices provided by your company for office purposes is mishandled and mistreated by the employees. Therefore, when the employees bring their devices to work, they will own up the responsibility of taking care and attending to their devices!

Yet, bringing your own device to work can also prove to be a menace. For instance, this proposition can lead to secret leak of private and confidential data, mainly through simple transfers or even through external hard drives. Sinister activities may rise, as employees secretly attempt to attack or damage the company. Thus, the idea of bringing your own device to work is not so comforting, if viewed from the employer’s perspective.

Moreover, bringing your own device to work can also be problematic as it can give way to stupid and cheeky excuses by non-serious employees, who by not bringing the said device can avoid work altogether! If only work related excuses were not enough; another relating to devices will surely add to the already huge miseries of organizations and other employers!

And let’s not forget the biggest disadvantage of bringing your own device at work: the physical strain of carrying and lifting the devices; from home to work, from one desk to another etc. it would surely be a lot of hassle if we have to carry our devices every day; pack and unpack them at the start and end of each day!

Bringing your own device at work is a debatable idea: one that should only be embraced when all the pros and cons are fully analyzed. What do you think?

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