Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality

By on November 18, 2016 in Home Entertainment, Technology

A long time ago Demidov Innovations developed some awesome virtual and augmented reality programs. Before most people had even heard of it and definitely before all the recent hype. These days, anyone can buy a Samsung Gear or an Oculus Rift – even a HTC Vive if you have the budget. Interesting to think back on the days when most people were not even aware of the fact that this revolution was on it’s way.

The first virtual reality program we ever produced was a 360 degree visualisation – wherein you can play your music tracks and the environment you were in would create shapes, bounce and vibrate according to the bass, pitch and tempo of the track. We can still show you this today – though it was made for the Oculus Rift SDK 0.6 which is like Windows XP VS Windows 10 by today’s standards. If you look on our partner website you will be able to see more recent examples.virtual-reality-newcastle

Lynch’s Hub

By on November 14, 2016 in Technology

Where digital meets the physical – Lynch’s Hub will contribute to the revitalisation and growth of the Newcastle city centre by improving the amenity and accessibility of the foreshore parklands, improving the modal share of transport cycling and providing a much needed family amusement hire option on our foreshore.

Come on over and support the crowdfunding campaign.


Greater Hunter Makers Festival

By on November 11, 2016 in Technology

This weekend we will be there alongside many exciting organisations and startups showcasing their technology and expertise at the Greater Hunter Makers Festival

Fell free to come along on Saturday 12th November to check out drones, Virtual and Augmented Reality, autonomous lawn mowers and submarines and more! We will be there with our friends from Virtual Perspective


Virtual Reality Demo – at Central on King St

By on March 7, 2016 in Technology

If you want to try out virtual reality and get a free beer, then come down and see us and our friends at Central on King St on the 5th of April at about 6 PM. Beer tickets are limited and it’s first come first serve.

We will have the classics like roller coasters and our music visualisation program, as well as some other projects we’ve been working on recently. So if you’re in the area on Tuesday 5th of April why not come and check it out. Here’s the link to the Facebook event


Dust Busting

By on March 2, 2016 in Technology

Come to our place to get your computer cleaned – for free! And we don’t mean viruses, we mean literally.

Computers often fill up with dust because the fans which keep them cool are on all the time, and pull air through them the whole time they are on. While that’s great for keeping your room dust free, it’s not so good for the computer to leave all that dust in there. The computer can overheat and get damaged. Also the dust attracts moisture and can cause components to rust – you don’t want that.

So come by our place in Rankin Park for a complimentary 5 minute clean. While you’re here, you can try out the virtual reality helmet.

Bookings are essential – to make one, either use the contact form on our website (top right), call 02 4023 2302 or email


AirDroid Remotes

If you don’t have a fancy LCD remote or the ability to control your media player with your smartphone (here’s our example of one) you can still make your media PC feel like an advanced and easy-to-use interface with an air mouse / remote.

Instead of a trackpad or requiring a surface for the mouse laser, these remotes are like a wand you can wave to move the mouse cursor around and click on things. Surprisingly this interface modality works well even in Windows – but is still best on Linux operating systems. You can pick these up for about $30 on ebay


Blogging – why is it good?

By on November 24, 2015 in Technology

We all have realized by now the heavy impact technology has made on our lives and how it has startlingly changed the world around us. It has given birth to professional blogs and social media which, for one, enable businesses to target a wide variety of customers without any geographical boundaries. Companies can now target customers globally without having to physically reach out to each and every customer; otherwise a tedious and tiresome task. Well written and regular professional blogs can now target a much wider range of audience; a great medium to boost up your profits!

Black and white print media is slowly withering away as people now read news and articles electronically through laptops, iPads and other notable high tech devices. In such a scenario, the prime advantage of running a blog is that it can be updated and released with lesser effort and time. You can easily provide customers with information about upcoming products, new prices, discounts and product reviews. It is true now that people have some favourite blogs that they end up checking almost every day. Why not this favourite blog be one of yours? This can help a business engage its existing customers and also allow business to attract new customers. Engaging the existing customers is as important as attracting new customers. A customer will always stick to a brand which makes it feel important and cared about. Letting your existing customers know about upcoming events, promotions and sales makes them feel like they have a connection with the brand and they are cared about. To make a business grow it is necessary that it is retaining its existing customers and as well as engaging new customers.

Well written professional blogs keep the customers engaged with real time live updating. Content is updated periodically and customers have something new to read about every now and then. If the content is delayed in updating customers will start to lose interest. People want something new every day when they wake up, they want to learn about something new every day. In addition to this, blogs help reach out customers in an easier way as compared to traditional marketing techniques.

Same is the case with using social media posts for engaging customers. Almost every leading brand and business has a Facebook \Twitter page online. The reason behind the move to use this social media platform is to provide customers with all the relevant information that they earnestly crave for. Today, social media is not only used to give out new information and promotions, but also serve as a platform customers to discuss and debate on related topic. In addition to this, customer feedback can be easily attained and customers feel connected to the brand. Specially targeted social media posts serve as a quick method for customer interaction. Have a cultural festival coming up why not make a post about it and put it online on your page rather than sending customers boring text savvy emails that most of them delete without even opening them up?

Blogs and social media serve as a far greater medium for customer engaging and a quicker one too. So let’s take advantage of this opportunity so that it can benefit your brand\business. That’s what we’re doing.

Psychic Sign

Psychic Phone – Demidov Innovations

By on November 20, 2015 in Technology

Ever wanted to have psychic powers but never had the time to study the mystical arts? No problem. We’ve developed a smartphone app that puts the kick into Psy-kick – our Android app called Forer Effect. No adds, no charge – enjoy!

Just download the app, point it at the person you’d like to read based on their features and aura and tap ‘Read Personality’. For optimal effect, enter their age – but that’s optional.

To download the app just search Forer Effect in the Google Play store.

For more information on how it works, please visit

working together

Why Small Business should work with Small Business

By on November 18, 2015 in Technology

Getting business capital and credit has been critically and tirelessly troublesome over the previous years. Buyer and business satchel strings have been admittedly tight. In present times, let’s face it, we are confronting soaring fuel costs and stresses over potential inflation. Furthermore, vast partnerships become bigger and all the more effective with each passing day

So what does this mean for small businesses? Compete or die out? The idea is to struggle and make the best of the situation!

For one, the starting point can be that if in case you’re a little business, search out harmonious and shared associations with other little organizations at whatever point conceivable. Whether formally or casually, it is advised to construct an aggregate center of similarly invested organizations and people. Generally, it is advised in such cases that small organizations need to take a look at one another as accomplices, and not contenders. Here are only a couple of substantial illustrations of how to unite in the little business market:

Establish a meet group for entrepreneurs: You know business big or small depends of referrals. Local groups who aim to meet monthly or more are a good platform for sitting down together and working on things that are mutually beneficial for both.  Use this as a platform to build connections and references.

Give favours to get favours: Effective networkers comprehend that systems administration is a two-way road. Continuously be vigilant for chances to help kindred little organizations. By reliably conveying worth and chance to those in your system, you’ll be drawing in others to your system. So, by offering business to others, you will receive business consequently.

Construct Informal Alliances with Like-Minded Companies: There are a large number of courses for you to connect with different organizations who share your perspectives on client administration, business, item advancement, and so on. This could be as basic as offering to swap visitor posts for every organization’s web journal or acquainting an entrepreneur with your own Twitter or Facebook groups. You ought to consider organizations together that could convey worth to your own clients, and additionally an open door for you to grow your perceivability to new gatherings of people.

Embrace a “Bolster Small Business” Mindset at Your Own Company: A few coalitions and developments, for example, the 3/50 task, urge customers to bolster their neighbourhood economies by shopping at autonomously claimed block and-mortar organizations. On a casual level, you can embrace a comparable outlook at your own particular business. Dissect your present sellers and administration suppliers for chances to “cut back.” Are there any spots where you could be supporting a little business — virtual or physical —? In case you’re urging others to bolster little organizations, ensure you’re likewise paying attention to your own particular words.

Join a Virtual Forum for Start-ups: Perhaps organized, in-individual meet-ups aren’t your thing. Then again your business doesn’t inexorably target neighbourhood clients and customers. You can join an informal community or virtual gathering for similar little entrepreneurs to trade counsel, get bolster, manufacture associations, and discover help and the sky’s the limit from there.