Advantages and Disadvantages of BYOD in the Workplace

There has been a little bit of talk about Bringing Your Own Device (BYOD) policies for companies lately so we thought we could offer our opinion on the subject.

First, the advantages:

#1. Increased employee satisfaction

Rather than being assigned company devices, employees are a lot happier using the mobile devices they prefer and are used to.

#2. Updated devices

BYOD devices are usually more updated and cutting-edge than the IT issued devices, as individuals renew their devices more often than the average company

#3. Save Money for the Company

Businesses transfer some of the operating costs to the user ie the device

#4. Improved Productivity

Allowing workers the opportunity to use a device they are used to and more comfortable with, they will be more efficient

#5. Less stress on IT department (if handled correctly)

With their own devices, employees are more responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the devices they own

#6. Attracts skilled employees

Attract people that seek to work flexibly and often work on-the-go, as well as more competent with IT.

#7. Increases engagement in the workplace and after hours

Employees are more likely to work outside of the office, and outside regular hours

The disadvantages are:

#1. Security Concerns

Company has less control over the devices used by staff so much of the responsibility for security will be with the individual. Not everybody is very tech-savy

#2. Software Licensing and Subscriptions

Under some licences, the software can only be installed on devices owned by the business – so you might end up breaching the terms and not receive support from the supplier.

#3. Distractions like Social Media and Games

While there are potential productivity benefits to BYOD there also comes a temptation for staff to use their devices for pleasure during work hours

#4. IT Support

If handled incorrectly, BYOD can make it harder for your IT people to manage and maintain the devices